OSCELOT Open Source Community
for Educational Learning Objects & Tools


OSCELOT is a community of people dedicated to collaboratively solving e-Learning challenges world-wide. Members contribute in many different ways. Some are developers; others are user interface experts, graphic artists, project manager, software testers, document writers, and more.



OSCELOT'S success is a direct result of the contributions of perspectives, skills, energy, and enthusiasm by community members spanning every phase of a project's life-cycle. Collaboration is encouraged through online and face-to-face interactions for sharing information and an online repository for collaborative software development & documentation.


OSCELOT provides the infrastructure and organization to enable open-source project collaboration in the teaching and learning community. This infrastructure and application of protocols (incubator to community release) provides a repeatable framework to support developers and provide assurance to adopters of OSCELOT projects - thus lower risk of adoption of open-source software.


OSCELOT is an open community with lines of communication through this website, our projects' site, and a range of email list-servers and discussion boards.

OSCELOT Sponsors

OSCELOT sponsors show support for open-source efforts and help sustain a vibrant and growing organization. Learn more about these and others who support our mission of providing the education community with the means of collaborating and delivering open source software projects in a highly visible context. OSCELOT is a non-profit tax exempt organization. Become a sponsor today!