Get Involved

OSCELOT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our administrative board as well as all OSCELOT members that contribute to projects work on a volunteer basis to promote and support the power of open source in education. There are several ways you can get involved: 


Join and existing project or create a new one. To be successful, projects require volunteer support in a variety of roles including development, testing, documentation and more. Learn more about OSCELOT projects here. Our developer community supports one another via our OSCELOT Google Group, as well as our Slack Channel; and our GitHub is an opportunity to download and learn from existing projects as well as collaborate on new initiatives. You can request to be added to Slack and Git via this form and one of our volunteers will get you added as soon as possible.


Tax deductible financial donations allow to provide and maintain our technical infrastructure and associated services. OSCELOT also requires legal support for the organization and its projects. All financial contributions are non-directed, meaning they are used at the discretion of the OSCELOT governance for funding and delivering the various services provided by the organization.

Contact us if you would like to make a financial contribution to OSCELOT, or you can do so here


The OSCELOT Sponsorship Program is the official path for substantial, non-directed monetary contributions to the organization. Show support for the OSCELOT missions and help sustain a vibrant and growing organization by choosing one of five sponsorship levels. Learn more about OSCELOT sponsorship here.