OSCELOT  grew out of the Blackboard Open Source group formed in Spring 2002 in an effort to support the sharing of information and resources among people interested in the development and use of Blackboard's Building Blocks software. It was quickly realised that these individuals had more in common than the use of a single product and that they were working on solutions to problems common across the e-Learning community. There was a strong desire to expand the group to include anyone interested in technology enhanced learning, regardless of the platform used. Thus OSCELOT was born as the Open Source Community for Educational Learning Objects and Tools. It was formally incorporated as a non profit organization in October, 2007. 

Even as standards, LMS environments, and technology have evolved - OSCELOT has stayed constant. As a volunteer-led organization, we're proud of our community, our contributors, and the work we do together to improve teaching and learning around the world.