Supporting Open Source

OSCELOT unites institutions, developers, and supporters—facilitating innovative open source solutions for the challenges facing the eLearning community. This is achieved in three ways: 


Projects are educational tools that one or more OSCELOT members are working on, and typically extend or enhance the functionality of a Learning Management System (LMS). Each project has its own space on the OSCELOT project site, and is open source—encouraging community support and collaboration. Some are mature products installed at education institutions around the world. Others are just getting started.

Currently, many projects are built to use the IMS Learning Tool Interoperability standard and will work with Blackboard Learn, Moodle, or Instructure Canvas (and sometimes more than one) to provide additional functionality. There are also a few stand-alone applications. The project site isn't just for developers! Projects can be testing strategies, e-Learning policies, and more. If a project catches your interest, join it. Great open-source software needs great design, documentation, broad requirements, administration, and support—all coming from the community. If you don't see a project that meets your needs, start your own. 


One of the biggest ways OSCELOT is able to make a difference is by connecting those with problems and those with ideas on how to address those problems. We have two primary avenues for ongoing communication: our OSCELOT Google Group which provides a general list for developers to collaborate along with subgroups for Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and other categories; and our OSCELOT Slack channel - a great tool to augment the Google Groups listserve. 


OSCELOT is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization. There is no cost to download or contribute to the projects. The best way to support the organization is to contribute your time with a project. Whether working on software, documentation or assisting with administrative issues - projects require a time commitment to be successful. Each project will have more information about how to best contribute on their own websites. 

OSCELOT provides the infrastructure for projects. While all administrative effort is through unpaid volunteers, financial assistance through donations or sponsorship enables us to purchase services, buy software, and conduct outreach to maintain and grow our infrastructure & our community.